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A loan to pay off
credit cards

One Simple Monthly Payment

Increase Your FICO® Score by 40+ Points*

Pay Off Your Credit Cards Faster

Your Best Interest at Heart

FICO® Score Boost

You don’t have to cut up your cards or close accounts, and after you pay off your balances with the GlobalFS® Loan, your credit score can increase by 40+ points!*

A Decision That Pays Off

Paying off your credit cards is one of the best investments you can make. With the GlobalFS Loan, you may pay less interest, get out of debt sooner and build your savings faster.

Personal Support Along the Way

No matter what part of the process you're in, our Member Experience Team is here in our California office ready to help you along your journey of paying off your credit cards.

* Based on a study of GlobalFS Members between February 2019 and August 2019. GlobalFS Members, who paid off at least $5,000 in credit card balances, saw an average increase in their FICO® Score of 40 points within four months of receiving the GlobalFS® Loan. Individual results may vary.

We Made the Process Simple

We don't like jumping through hoops anymore than you do. So we made it easy, straightforward and quick to apply.

Check Your Rate

There are no application fees or commitments, and it does not impact your credit score.

Choose Your Terms

Select the offer that works best for you and finish your application.

Verify Your Info

Review your terms, verify your information and eSign your loan documents.

Receive Your Funds

Your funds to pay off your credit card balances will be electronically deposited into your account.

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4.7 / 5 Stars on Credit Karma

What Our Members Say

Easy online application. Wonderful, personal service from start to finish. Real people who care about making you comfortable along the way. I cannot say enough about how great this experience and the people at this company were.

Going to GlobalFS was the best decision of my life. I have control and can breathe again. The whole process was very easy. I just want to thank the ladies and gentlemen at GlobalFS for giving me the help and boost I needed.

GlobalFS is one of the best companies I've ever dealt with in timeliness and communication. I feel that there's someone with me at every step, who is as invested in my success as I am. They are true to their motto of changing the way you view credit debt.

About Us

Real People. Real Heart.

Global Financial Services has been in business over 25 years and as a member of the Better Business Bureau with an A+ Rating, the highest possible rating, we do Business loans. Personal Loans. mortgages Car Loans and Bitcoin loan when others say No and when they say Yes we will give you a better rate and lower costs!.

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